The (unofficial) Beachbound soundtrack (AKA deck painting/housecleaning/day at the beach music)

1. I Quit My JobOld Man Leudecke (prelude)

2. Boom-shack-a-lakApache Indian

3. 1-2-3-4Alex Cuba featuring David Myles

4. I Can See Clearly NowThe Holly Cole Trio

5. Through and Through and ThroughJoel Plaskett (Danish’s colours)

6. Dance if You Want ToRose Cousins (Annie’s theme)

7. See Her AgainJ Boog

8. BoombasticShaggy (meet Les)

9. Om Numah ShivayaApache Indian

10 En DecembrePascal Lejeune (sneaking around music)

11. Ain’t No SunshineMatt Anderson (drinking alone at The Redoubt)

12. You Keep a BurningRoss Douglas

13. J’Pas un CowboyLisa LeBlanc (Nina gets serious)

14. Well Enough AloneThe Mae Trio

15. La GrangeZZ Top (the big chase scene)

16. Jammin’ –  Bob Marley

17. AwéAsa (is it getting hot in here?)

18. CaliforniaRufus Wainwright (roll the credits)

Photo credits:

David Myles – Hiep Vu

Joel Plaskett – Ingram Barss